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$ 49.99

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Speed up your workflow, reduce wait time, and get more done.

Whether you are doing an infield edit of 4K 16bit RAW footage, moving production files before broadcast, or producing multi-track high sample rate audio, the Thunder Rocket will beat even your internal storage in performance.



Delivering your data, faster.

Anyone who has waited for files to copy, load, compile, render, or export knows that your disk speed really matters.

For most media professionals, it is not the processor or graphics cards that are preventing you from working quicker, but the speed at which your files can be loaded, manipulated and transferred. With the Thunder Rocket, we have pushed this to the limit of the available technology.
Delivering your data, faster.

Work on the go. One cable.

The Thunder Rocket uses one tethered cable for both data transfer and power supply, stored neatly in the cable management solution built into the rugged bumper. Unwrap, plug in and you're ready for blast-off!

Palm-sized, and weighing just 240g (8.5oz.), it can be easily carried with you wherever you go. Create in the field and then begin the edit on the journey home.
Work on the go. One cable.

Cool as a Cucumber.

Reading and writing at 1GB/s+ is hot work. To cool the world's fastest portable storage, we have taken the revolutionary step of adding Heat Pipe Technology to our Thunder Rocket, a world first for external storage hardware.

By substantially reducing the thermal gradient between the interior air and our aluminium casing, we ensure that the Thunder Rocket is always functioning at a healthy temperature, eliminating the risk of overheating, increasing the life span of your drive and ensuring smooth performance, no matter how hard you work.
Cool as a Cucumber.
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  • Thunderbolt™ 2 Cable

    Tethered to the SSD drive. Never forget your cable again!
  • RAW Editing

    Cutting edge storage technology enabling RAW 4K editing
  • Boot Disk Ready

    Set up your work environment once then use on any Mac
  • Self Sustaining

    BUS powered. No external power supply

Let’s talk specifics.

  • Battery

    10,000 mAh
    Qualcomm Fast Charge 2.0
  • Output

    USB Type C output: 15.5W
    USB Type A output: 10.5W
  • Compatibility

    All USB Type C and USB Type A devices
  • In the Box

    Nifty C-Powerpod