Home / Resources: Move Your Dropbox Onto Your MiniDrive

Here’s what you’ll be working your way towards:

Your Dropbox will work exactly the same as before, but with all files on your MiniDrive and not on your hard drive.

Here’s how:

  1. In toolbar at the top of your screen click on the Dropbox icon. In the popup window that appears click on the gears icon and select Preferences
  2. In the new window find the Account tab and look out for Dropbox location. This is where your Dropbox is currently being stored on your computer.
  3. Hit the Dropbox location drop-down and select Other. Find and select your MiniDrive (under Devices to the left in your Finder window).
  4. Create a folder called Dropbox and select this as the location.
  5. Go ahead with the change when you’re asked if you’re sure. All your current Dropbox files will then be transferred to your MiniDrive. Job done.
  6. The transfer could take a while depending on the size of your Dropbox.
  7. If you eject your MiniDrive you will no longer have access to your Dropbox.